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Take Care of Your Stuff, And It Will Take Care of You


  By Bill Miller It's something my dad told me that’s really stuck with me through my entire hunting life. He said, “Son, when you come in from a days hunt you take care of your dog, your game, your guns and then yourself — in that … [Read more...]

How To: Adjust the Diopter Setting on Your Binoculars


 By Bill Miller How to … what??? We should probably start with what the diopter setting is and why it’s so important. Most binoculars you’d buy for hunting are called “center focus.” That means there’s a dial located somewhere between the … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Eddie Bauer


In assembling my kit for the upcoming trap shooting league season, the last piece of gear I thought I’d be excited about was a new shooting vest. After all, I have a rack full hanging in the basement — some I bought, some the result of attending … [Read more...]