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Callie Is Keeping Us Waiting

The plan was by now Bill Miller Outdoors would be officially announcing the anticipated “delivery date” for a litter of cute and cuddly, but high test Labrador Retriever pups from our young “wonder dog” Northwing’s Calamity Jane JH, SH (“Callie” for short), but she must have different plans. She’s well past the anticipated date, but has shown no signs this spring of being ready to breed.

For weeks, actually months, she’s been at the kennel where the selected male lives so we wouldn’t miss the critical timing when … if … it comes, and we’re anxious to bring her back home. Of course  she’s certainly benefited from the extra days of training with Jerry Sather at Labs Unlimited Kennels.

I guess we’ll give it a few more weeks, but if it goes later than that it seems to us to be getting pretty late for a litter of pups in 2012.  If you’re interested in hearing more about this breeding … if and when it happens, please let us know. We’ll keep you posted.

By the way, this picture of Callie holding a Ross’ Goose was taken when she was a few months short of two years old. She now has even more mature intensity. When you visit the Labs Unlimited Kennels website, the top middle picture on the home page is Callie retrieving a Canada Goose last fall.