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Recent Work by Bill Miller Outdoors

How To: Adjust the Diopter Setting on Your Binoculars


 By Bill Miller How to … what??? We should probably start with what the diopter setting is and why it’s so important. Most binoculars you’d buy for hunting are called “center focus.” That means there’s a dial located somewhere between the … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Eddie Bauer


In assembling my kit for the upcoming trap shooting league season, the last piece of gear I thought I’d be excited about was a new shooting vest. After all, I have a rack full hanging in the basement — some I bought, some the result of attending … [Read more...]

This $4,995 Sheep Hunt Gets 10 Out of 10


When I first checked the website for the score on Wildlife Systems Aoudad hunts, I was pretty impressed that they rated an average 9.9 out of 10. But now I'm puzzled. After an early spring hunt on their 200,000-acre lease … [Read more...]