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Marketing & Product Consultation
Recently, in conversation with an engineer from a major ammunition company, he related they were considering blackening the brass heads of a specific line of shotshells. I asked if he knew about a competitor’s venture into this many years ago, and the reason it was short-lived. He did not.

Turns out the company faced liability issues related to consumers not being able to easily tell if a gun was loaded, especially in low light conditions, with the black heads versus bright, shiny brass or nickel heads. That bit of knowledge potentially saved his company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in development of a product that would fail … or worse.

Welcome Home Eddie Bauer


In assembling my kit for the upcoming trap shooting league season, the last piece of gear I thought I’d be excited about was a new shooting vest. After all, I have a rack full hanging in the basement — some I bought, some the result of attending … [Read more...]