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TV/Video Production
In working on dozens of video and television products over the last 25 years, it’s been my privilege to work with people whom I consider some of the best videographers, editors, and producers in the business. These aren’t folks at the “big name” production companies. Most of them are out there working on their own.

We’ve formed what we call a “loose band of merry men.” This means when any of us are alerted to projects that could benefit from the input or involvement of others, we go to them first. For example, my greatest strengths are in developing show concepts, scripting, orchestrating the logistics and locations, and on-camera talent. You don’t want me hands-on with the camera or in the editing suite, but I can put you in touch with fantastic shooters and editors whose rates are truly economical compared to what you’ll get from “the big guys.”

The capabilities and experience of this loose band of merry men range from super-short commercials and teases to training videos to viral social media content to POP videos to 13-week television series to full-length features and documentaries.

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