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Guerilla Photography

In developing the list of Services for, it appears at least one on the roster is a newly minted phrase or, at least, one that’s not widely familiar — “Guerilla Photography.”

In speaking the phrase, confusion is understandable especially in the world of outdoor content creators. There are a bunch of colleagues out there who can honestly claim to have done “gorilla photography”; and a few could probably legitimately claim to have done it on a couple of continents!

While we may not have called it “guerilla photography” before, those of us in the outdoor magazine world and, now, involved in feeding the bottomless content void of the internet and social media are very familiar with the concept. Not every article or post requires an expensive, lavish photo shoot based on weeks of location scouting, model auditions, storyboard sketches, and “I can’t work like this” snooty photographers. Yet we often need/want more than canned product shots from the manufacturer’s media agency that every other Tom, Dick and Harry editor or blogger is going to be using, too. Those in-between kind of photos can be the product of what I call “guerilla photography.”

Guerilla photography is fast.  You call me one day, and if I can get my hands on the products you want in the shot and the weather cooperates, I should be able to email you the images you need by the end of the next day.

Guerilla photography is thoughtful. You tell me what you need it to do and what the focus should be. That’s how I shoot it. Is the sharp subject of the image to be a product itself, or is the intent gaze of a model using the product more important? Or should we shoot it both ways and let you decide?

Guerilla photography is customized. Is the hole you need to fill in a book or magazine feature or web article an extreme vertical? Then there’s no sense in me shooting squares or horizontals for you, is there? I won’t even waste your time with mildly vertical images.

Guerilla photography is work for hire. We come to terms on a price. I shoot the photos. I send them to you with an invoice attached. Once you pay the invoice, you own them to do what you want with them forever.

Guerilla photography is relatively inexpensive. Why should you pay more than standard hourly rates for images that don’t require artistry? I gather the required props and models; I go out into the backyard or to a local boat landing or to an old barn on the neighbor’s place, and I shoot the pictures.  Then I edit and adjust them to your stated requirements. Finally I hit send. From your side of the editor’s desk that doesn’t sound like it should cost a thousand dollars, does it? Not even half that, does it? Doesn’t to me either.

Now that we’re talking the same language, if you have need of Guerilla Photography services give me a call or drop me an email.