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Talent Reqruiter

With nearly three decades in the outdoor media business, I know the “best” people in nearly every facet of the industry. My consulting services can find you the right service provider for any content creation or marketing need that you may have. If I don’t have the right contact for you, then I will know someone who does.

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Brainstorming Million-Dollar Ideas

Every company and every major project can benefit from a fresh set of eyes and ears offering new perspective. As your consultant, I will look and listen carefully and together we’ll come up with brilliant, executable ideas to attain your goals.

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E-newsletter Development

Having learned the ropes from the players who built multi-million dollar businesses based solely on e-newsletter distribution (i.e. Daily Candy, Thrillist, Tasting Table, etc.), I know the “secret sauce” that produces email newsletters to drive subscribers to action beyond just opening. At North American Media Group, I managed content development for 10 weekly to daily enewsletters ranging in subject matter from hunting to cooking to motorcycle riding. I can provide related services from consultation on development to managing your entire email newsletter program or any level in between.

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Online Content Development

One way to look at blogging is basically as the old-fashioned magazine or newspaper column that is published more frequently. However, in blogging the opportunity exists to integrate specific messages and philosophies more seamlessly into the content. This creates exciting new marketing opportunities. Based on my own blogging experience and knowledge of creating content to drive specific reader actions, I can write blog content for you that will get your message across while bringing the audience back again and again.

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I can produce interesting, audience-drawing, relevant webinars on a variety of both outdoor and non-outdoor subject matter. These are PowerPoint-based presentations, but can include custom video and photography.

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Marketing & Product Consultation

Recently, in conversation with an engineer from a major ammunition company, he related they were considering blackening the brass heads of a specific line of shotshells. I asked if he knew about a competitor’s venture into this many years ago, and the reason it was short-lived. He did not.

Turns out the company faced liability issues related to consumers not being able to easily tell if a gun was loaded, especially in low light conditions, with the black heads versus bright, shiny brass or nickel heads. That bit of knowledge potentially saved his company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in development of a product that would fail … or worse.

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Recreational Real Estate Review, Analysis & Consultation

As an experienced recreational property investor and owner, as well as hunter, I can provide consultation services ranging from simply joining you to look at properties you’re considering buying or leasing to creating video sales tools to helping move your property faster and for top dollar. I have formed partnerships and LLCs for property ownership and use, and have written both agricultural and recreational lease agreements and easements for properties. I can help you with yours.

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