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Print / E-Publishing

Magazine Writing
North American Hunter article on turkey hunting

While my specialty is outdoor-related content, as a writer I will produce thoroughly researched, precisely written, and meticulously edited content to suit your needs in nearly any subject area. Outside of hunting and fishing, my work has appeared in magazines as wide ranging as HANDY to History Channel to MLB Insiders.

I’ve written on property/land management, real estate investing, fans of Major League Baseball, fishing, freelance writing, dog training, conservation and many more subjects. Of course the bulk of my magazine content creation has focused on hunting, firearms, ammunition and the shooting sports. The types of stories have ranged from straight reporting to personal accounts to objective product reviews and roundups.

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E-newsletter Development

Having learned the ropes from the players who built multi-million dollar businesses based solely on e-newsletter distribution (i.e. Daily Candy, Thrillist, Tasting Table, etc.), I know the “secret sauce” that produces email newsletters to drive subscribers to action beyond just opening. At North American Media Group, I managed content development for 10 weekly to daily enewsletters ranging in subject matter from hunting to cooking to motorcycle riding. I can provide related services from consultation on development to managing your entire email newsletter program or any level in between.

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Guerilla Photography

Not every article or internet post requires an expensive photo shoot based on weeks of location scouting, model auditions, storyboards, and “I can’t work like this” snooty photographers. Yet there’s often a need for more than canned product shots from a press agency. Those “in-between” images can be the product of guerilla photography.

My guerilla photography services are fast (usually 2-day max turnaround), thoughtful, customized to your exact needs, relatively inexpensive and work-for-hire (you own the photos in total when you pay the bill).

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Commercial Copywriting

Whether you’re looking for copy for print advertisements, direct mail marketing campaigns, Internet campaigns or point of purchase displays, I can collaborate with you to produce copy that will achieve your sales or promotional goals.

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Online Content Development

One way to look at blogging is basically as the old-fashioned magazine or newspaper column that is published more frequently. However, in blogging the opportunity exists to integrate specific messages and philosophies more seamlessly into the content. This creates exciting new marketing opportunities. Based on my own blogging experience and knowledge of creating content to drive specific reader actions, I can write blog content for you that will get your message across while bringing the audience back again and again.

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Editing Services

From proofreading and fact-checking to full-blown rewrites in any subject matter and genre I can help you produce writing that will wow your content buyers with its precision, style, and accuracy.

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Ghost Writing

There are situations when it’s simply best for content to appear under your byline, but you lack the time or skill to produce outstanding copy. I have ghost-written columns, features, and even book contributions for a variety of personalities for decades, and can do the same for you.

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